3 thoughts on “World’s Scariest Bridges

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  2. Seaport exports of sunflower oil completed 1.958 thousand tonnes thus far, up from 1.226 thousand tonnes in the very same time a season ago.

    The consultancy pointed out exports dove to 223,000 tonnes in the full week ended Jan. 18-24, coming from 29,000 tonnes a full week previously.

    KIEV: Ukraine, the world’s best exporter of sunflower oil, raised its port exports of the item through nearly 60pc so far in the 2019/20 time, preliminary records coming from APK-Inform consultancy revealed on Monday.

    Port exports of sunflower oil amounted to 1.958 million tonnes up until now, up coming from 1.226 thousand tonnes in the exact same period a period earlier, according to the working as a consultant.

    The consultancy stated exports hopped to 223,000 tonnes in the full week ended Jan. 18-24, from 29,000 tonnes a week previously.

    Ukraine transported 6.063 million tonnes in the previous Sept-Aug 2018-19 season, depending on to the Ukrainian sunoil producers’ affiliation.

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