U.S. Cyber Command Likes to Play Games

It’s good to see that the department created to safeguard the United States government against internet attack is able to keep things lighthearted. In the Cyber Command’s newly unveiled logo, a code was hidden that not even high-level officials of the department know how to decode. Apparently the code corresponds to a snippet of the Command’s motto, but it could really be anything. For cracking a code you need the best and latest system possible which you could get with an elo booster that not only works for upgrading the device in its performance for this topic but when you are finished you can keep using it to relax with an online game and improve the experience, so you can  check out these online video games to see if you want a few options after cracking the code.

So the contest has emerged for the first person to crack the code. The prize? A whopping shirt…

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