Intro page

Welcome to the Sudoku Symphony.  If you do not enjoy Sudoku puzzles you will certainly be miserable in short order.
You will have a series of sudoku variants to solve.  For each variant, the difficulty will progressively increase. That way, even if you do like sudokus, by the time you complete this journey you will be seeing them in your sleep.
The advancement method used here is essentially the same as GC2153M - Mother of All Puzzles although nowhere close to as clever.  But it works as follows:
Each puzzle will have two rows highlighted as "A" and "B". When the puzzle is completed correctly, the two rows will give the filename of the next puzzle. For example, if the answers are A=12345 and B=24531, the player will change the url to and will be taken to the next in the series.
While you may be able to advance to the next puzzle without completing the current one, be sure save all of your solutions!  At the end there will be a meta-puzzle which will require you to refer back to each of the individual ones.